Friday, March 9, 2012

Cherry Blossoms = Visitors?

Well, I'm happy to say I have mostly survived my first winter! Sure, it was the most mild winter DC has had in a while, but it's definitely been worse than Florida. Now, I'm getting in the mindset for spring...and with spring comes cherry blossoms...and with cherry blossoms comes visitors! I hope! (hint hint)

I first noticed that spring was right around the corner yesterday when I was driving and this girl walking on the sidewalk caught my eye - she wasn't dressed all black or grey! She had on a blue skirt, white shirt and red jacket...and flip flops! This made me very excited since I haven't seen anybody wearing any color in months (except of course when I came home for the holidays - when I landed in the Jacksonville airport I looked like a goth with my new "all black" attire and everyone dressed in pink and purple gave me the creepy eye). 

But anyway, back to my point, we've had such a mild winter that they think the cherry blossoms will be blooming in just a few weeks! They've predicted the peak bloom time to be 3/24-3/31.  So here's your official invite to come visit me at the end of March or in April! :)