Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Things I Learned During My First Week

1.  You MUST actually request that the bus stops when you need to get off.  If you don't request the stop, you'll watch as you go flying by work frantically wondering how the heck to get back to work from the next stop!

2. Just because the bank is a couple blocks away, does NOT mean it's close enough to walk in heels and a suit.

3. It doesn't matter what shoes you wear, you WILL get blisters. The next day, when you switch shoes to try to avoid hurting the blisters, you'll just get new blisters in new spots.

4. There is a food truck for everything. Kabobs, tacos, and even cupcakes! And there are cupcake shops everywhere. It must be designed like that as a reward for all of the walking.  You walk 1/4 mile, get a cupcake, walk another 1/4 mile, get another cupcake. Perfect.

5.  Groupon in DC is AMAZING! In addition to the daily deals, there is Groupon Now, which has all kinds of deals throughout the day that you buy to use immediately.


  1. You better walk in tennis shoes (or some other comfy shoes) and change into your cute heels when you get to work! I'm sure your tootsies will toughen up!

  2. Yay! Now that it's actually letting me comment on posts, I would just like to say how I LOVE the fact that there are cupcakes every 1/4 mile. I can't wait to visit! :) And I love this blog!