Monday, September 5, 2011

Month 1 Down!

Hi friends! So, I survived my first month in DC! :) It's definitely not the same without the girls, but I'm slowly making new friends and doing new things.  So, here's a little update since my last post!

After the earthquake, we got a little taste of Irene.  It rained for about 2 days straight, and then cleared up Sunday afternoon, which turned out to be the most beautiful day! After being couped up inside, I thought I'd take a little walk into the city.  I ended up walking 7 miles. It's amazing how I didn't even notice!  I walked another 7 this weekend.  It's so crazy how many things there are to see and how easy it is to see them while getting in some exercise - which is balancing out my cupcakes nicely.  Although, I'm about to move from cupcakes to mac n cheese - more on that in a later post!

So anyway, the following morning I headed to the airport for my first work trip! I hadn't met my boss yet, so I met him at the airport. I was worried it would be a little awkward since I haven't seen him since my interview almost a year ago, but it was great! He's talkative and personable.  We talked so much at the airport that neither of us noticed that they changed our gate.  Next thing we hear our names being paged over the loud speaker!! Oops! So we ran and thankfully caught our flight to Nashville! We spent the next 3 nights there, working on a hearing and checking out the local restaurants.  We ate at this BBQ place that was AMAZING, but I ended up smelling like BBQ for the next 6 days. And yes, that was even after 6 showers. We flew back on Thursday morning.  After reflecting on that trip, I realized that in exchange for my measly pay (okay, it's not THAT measly, but it's definitely not like private practice), the government actually has some amazing benefits, such as per diem.

Anyway, I made it back in time on Thursday for my first big kickball game! Anne came over a little before the game and we seriously contemplated having a few drinks because we were so nervous.  Somehow I was more nervous about kickball than I was about my first work trip or meeting my boss in the airport.  It turns out that somehow Anne and I ended up on the defending championship team!  Scary considering we were googling the rules just 30 minutes before the game started.  But it actualy turned out to be so much fun! We play right in front of the Washington Monument. The games are short and everybody on our team was so much fun! Our captain was drinking White Russians out of a Gatorade bottle during the game (your kinda girl, Bai!).  After the game ended, we went to a bar near the White House where we played the same team from kickball in flip cup.  Anne and I had to leave early, but I'm sure my flip cup skills will shine this Thursday! I doubt James Madison (where some of our team when to school), knows as much about flip cup as I learned at FSU.

So, that's about it! I'm planning on hitting the gym at work this week since I'm in town to check out the agents...don't worry Jen and Brenda, a full report on that is coming soon! :) But as a preview, I will say, there are guys EVERYWHERE.  It's definitely different than Daytona/Ormond. The problem is no longer that there is nobody to date, the problem now is that there are just too many! Don't worry though, I won't complain. :)

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