Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I'll start this post by apologizing to my vegan and vegetarian friends!

This past weekend, Anne and I decided we would organize Burgerpalooza! Basically, we got together with Justin and a few new friends and went around to some of the places that were supposed to have the best burgers in Arlington.  We went to Elevation, Ray's Hell Burger, BGR, and brgr:shack.  NFL slowed us down! At the first 3 places we got one mega burger and split it between the six of us, and at the last place we split a few different burgers! We all agreed that Elevation was out, but everybody had different favorites between the others. 

Ray's Hell had HUGE burgers! This is the place that the President loves - he's gone there with VP Biden and he also took Russian President Dmitry Medvedev there! It's nothing fancy - you just order the burger at the counter and then sit down - somewhat of a hole-in-the-wall place, but so delicious!

BGR is right near my condo and it was spectacular....EXCEPT, it was a little too "juicy" if you know what I mean. The minute we cut into it, it looked a little scary! The meat was cooked, but there was just way too much juice for my liking.

brgr:shack was my favorite! We had all different kinds of burgers here! Justin had the yum:brgr - organic spring mix, tomato, avocado, brie, and wasabi sauce! So good! Anne and I split the m:brgr - the standard cheeseburger with special "shack island sauce."  The last one we tried was the fancy:zola - lettuce, tomato, bacon, Gruyere cheese, shackberry sauce, and a full salad on a pumpernickel bun! Wowzer!

Pictures to follow! :) 

Everyone loved it though and we had a blast so we've decided to start doing this with all kinds of foods! Up next - TACO TOUR! :)

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