Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Festivities!

Okay, yes...I know, I fell behind in blogging! That's because fall is amazing here and I've been trying to get outside as much as I can before...well, some thing they talk of here called "snow."  So, here's a little update of the past month! :)

I had my first official visitors! Amy and Jen came to visit for a long girls weekend! We had such a good time - probably because it mostly involved food!  We had the BEST Italian dinner, a rooftop sushi night, and cupcakes (of course).  We also got to do some sightseeing - museums, the national archives, the supreme court.  The coolest part was probably when we went for drinks at POV...okay, a drink at POV (they're $16 per drink).  POV is a rooftop bar on top of the W hotel and it has the most amazing views of all of the monuments, which are lit up at nighttime. 

Kickball is also going really well! Our team is undefeated - probably thanks to the skills of Anne and myself (obviously a joke).  It's getting cold though, and now it gets dark so early, so we'll see how much fun kickball is by the end of the season! Our team is not so great at flip cup though - people who went to schools up here just don't have the same skills that we all picked up at FSU, UF and USF! I'm not sure if I'm bragging about that, or embarrassed! :)

I've also been taking advantage of some of the "fall" weather activities that DC/NoVa have to offer! Anne, Justin and I went to Taste of DC - they closed down part of Pennsylvania Avenue and set up all kinds of food, beer and wine tents.  I was a litte disappointed in how fast I got full! I really wanted to try everything - they had over 60 restaurants and all kinds of wineries there.  One of the wineries had a sparkling pinot grigio! Crazy delicious!! If you see a bottle of that, I definitely recommend picking one up!

Two weeks ago, I went up to Great Falls area to do a hike! It was spectacular! It didn't take us very long to get there - maybe 30 minutes - but you would never know that such great hiking was so close when you're in the city.  The hike we did was called "Billy Goat Trail" and it went up along the Potomac. There are all kinds of streams to cross and rocks to climb.  It definitely made me realize how much I love to hike.  In a couple of weeks, we're going to hike a trail called "Old Rag" out in Shenandoah.  It's supposed to be about 10 miles and pretty intense. If I survive it, I'll post pictures!

Anyway, I'll try to write more regularly so I can give you more juicy details instead of the main topics.   

Next up - Pumpkin patch, apple picking, and wine tasting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! Then, we'll be home to carve our pumpkins while we drink some pumpkin ale! And, I'll give you another "men" update! I have lots to say on that subject! Love and miss you all!!

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