Wednesday, January 4, 2012

362 Days of Flossing to Go

So, I'm starting to regret complaining last month when the high was 60. This morning, I woke up and headed to the gym to find out it was 17 degrees out, and it felt like 8 degrees with the wind chill. I'm pretty certain that's officially the coldest temperature my body has ever been in! So, as the day went on, I though...maybe instead of working out and getting fit, I should plump up with some fat for protection. So, on came the cookies. Surprisingly though, I'm still doing better with sweets than I was during the end of 2011. So, all in all, 2012 is still a far! :)

Speaking of, I really like new years resolutions. I like getting a fresh start (even if I end up completely forgetting what my resolutions are later). But for now, here's what I've come up with:

1. Floss every day. I've always been a really good flosser, but I definitely skipped a few days here and there. So, here's to 366 days of flossing.

2. Take my vitamins every day. Geez, I'm feeling old that these are my first two resolutions.  But seriously, I realized how many days of vitamins I skipped when I went to take my vitamin on January 1st and realized that my vitamins expired in 2011 (This worried me not only because of my bad vitamin taking habits, but it also made me feel a bit like I was becoming my mom...the list of expired things that she's tried to put into my mouth would frighten child services....even though I'm 28.)

3. Work out six days per week. This actually has been somewhat easy recently (although it is only 4 days into the new year). I FINALLY found a new hot yoga studio. It's definitely not Blue Moon, but I knew I would never find anything that great. But for DC, this one is pretty cool.  So between that and Body Pumping and Spinning at Gold's, I'm hoping this resolution will stick.

4.  Focus more on the people and things that matter, and less on the ones that don't. This will be the toughest one, because I really take things to heart and tend to put too much focus on how my friends and people around me are feeling.  This year, I'm being selfish, and whatever effort I have leftover for anybody or anything else is going to the people and things that really matter.  As for the rest, I'm leaving it (and them) behind in 2011.

Well, I'm off to floss...

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