Sunday, February 5, 2012

Becoming a Washingtonian?

So, as the winter continues on, I've been thinking that I might be turning into a Washingtonian. Now, I knew if I stayed here for a while, this would probably happen eventually.  But I never knew it would happen THIS quickly.  Here are a few signs:

1. A few nights ago, I went over to a friend's house and it was 47 degrees out. I determined that this was "warm enough" to justify going in flip flops and a sweatshirt. No jacket needed for this warm winter night! Now, let me remind you that the first week that I moved here in August, it was in the low 70s in the evenings and I was covered in goosebumps!

2. I'm in the middle of doing laundry.  I used to divide my laundry by colors and whites. I now separate it by blacks and whites.  I blame the girl who made fun of my pink umbrella for completely traumatizing me into wearing only black.

3. Last week it was in the 60s and sunny, and I raved about how warm and beautiful the weather was outside. In Florida, 60s would have completely justified Uggs.

4. I complain about waiting for metro if the time for the next train is over 3 minutes.  When I first moved here, I couldn't understand why people cared if you had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for a train. I'm now THAT person.

5. I LOVE brunch and happy hour. These are 2 of my favorite things about turning into a Washingtonian.  At least if I have to be grumpy over the metro and look depressed in my all black outfits, at least I can drink mimosas and eat french toast on a Sunday afternoon with 90% of the other people in this city.  Who by the way, are also dressed in all black and completely grumpy!

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